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Solar energy is the gateway to our future for generating renewable energy. Every second, the sun produces enough energy to sustain Earth’s needs for 500,000 years.
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We offer complete range of solar solutions from net-metering, solar lights, solar gates, solar water pumps, mounting structures, solar energy storage systems to solar water heating product. Our products are marketed under the “Ravi Solar” brand name and deliver all services under one roof including design, supply, testing and maintenance.


Our Extensive Product Range

We offer complete range of Solar Solutions
Solar Net Metering
Solar Lights
Solar Water Heating
Solar Water Pumps
Solar Gates
Eco House

Why Choose Us?

  • Latest Technology
  • Highly Efficient & Reliable
  • Low Maintenance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Self Sustainable
  • Competitive Pricing
  • CEB/LECO Coordination
  • Bank Loan Arrangements


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