Access Control

The use of fingerprints to verify that an individual is who they claim to be is well-established. While a photo on a pass card helps prevent the use of the card by someone other than the individual to whom it was issued, it’s far from infallible. Requiring the individual to present their finger for encoding, and having this matched against the record on the card or central database strengthens this dramatically. More recently, the introduction of iris recognition has increased the confidence level of the matches to approaching 100%, although the recognition process takes more time.

Systems offered used simple keypads with PIN (personal identification number) codes, followed by “swipe” or insert cards such as magnetic stripe technology. These were called “card keys,” or “key cards,” which are terms still in use by people today. Now the solutions extend to   non-contact “proximity cards” or RFID technology which became popular choice as because of its many advantages.

These access cards are used in conjunction with an access control card reader. This card reader is connected to an intelligent door controller which contains stored programming information from the access control software about who is allowed where and when, as well as other functions that the system can perform. Not only do these access systems grant or deny access, they maintain a history of system activity that can be used to generate management reports.

Fingerprint and Bio-metrics

When you need a versatile device for unique requirements and cannot compromise on offering superior performance of products is the right solution. The full featured fingerprint device unleashes a combination of power, usability and design to address access control and Time & Attendance requirements of any size anywhere around the country.

Keypad (Password)

Selected Keypads are designed to meet most residential, commercial, and industrial single door access control requirements. Each Keypad provides multiple inputs and outputs, factory set access control.


Data is the new natural resource, and your industry thrives on it. But what drives business is not the amount of data, but the right data. The question is how to manage thousands of data points to pinpoint the ones that are actually needed to make the best decisions.

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Face Detection

In many situations, facial recognition has great advantages over other biometrics solutions. It enables to recorded and archived at a distance, act as a crime deterrent, and help identify a person in real-time.
Face recognition technology requires no contact with the target, making it convenient for wide-ranging applications.