Right Solutions is a premier solar net-metering solutions providing company to residential and industrial energy consumers under the brand name of Ravi Solar. We recognize that many electricity consumers want to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Unfortunately, the upfront capital costs associated with these types of projects often puts up a barrier. Right Solutions has been able to break down such barriers permitting you to embrace sustainable energy with a minimal capital outlay requiredWe offer a number of financial solutions in collaboration with leading banks to facilitate our net-metering solutions.

These include a unique model which requires repayments to be made out of the savings and income generated in terms of electricity units. Eventually this will give you free electricity in the long run. We understand the dynamics of the net-metering market that has varied electricity consumption patterns and offers customized solutions in addition to standard packages to match any consumption requirement for both industrial and residential consumers. We are well equipped to serve you with technologically advanced, highly reliable and safe net-metering solutions in the most cost effective manner including comprehensive system insurance protecting your investment.     

Having duly examined the technology, market and regulatory aspects of the project, we are confident that our proposed Net-metering solution will effectively address the expectations of our customers.  Our goal is to provide reliable net-metering solutions with the highest quality to Sri Lankan households and industrial establishments enabling them to harness the economic benefits of naturally available solar energy by converting it to electricity.  

We strongly believe that investing on net-metering with Ravi Solar will be a very good investment opportunity to the investor in terms of offering loan schemes to the end user. In addition, the investors will also get an opportunity strengthen their “green” concept as this solar energy solution generates a considerably low carbon foot print compared to other sources of electricity generations.  

What is Net Metering?

Net-metering is an incentive that allows consumers to install renewable energy facilities, such as solar power. A consumer with net-metering will be provided credits for energy supplied to the CEB from the solar power system. These credits will be deducted from the consumer’s monthly electricity bill, hence the term net-metering.

You will only pay for the units consumed in excess of the units generated by your solar power system. If more electricity is produced than used, these credits will be carried forward to the next months bill.

Price Features

Prices offered are all inclusive and No hidden charges.
  • Cost of Inverter, Solar Panels, Electrical Circuit Breakers, Cable, connectors and accessories.
  • Site survey, design & dimensioning to obtain maximum solar harvest
  • AC & DC Surge protectors
  • Anodized aluminum mounting structure
  • Individual grounding of panels and Grounding rod
  • Use of conduit for cable protection (plumbing conduit)
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover for all equipment for 5 Years (In addition to manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Charted Engineer Certification fee (CEB /LECO mandatory requirement)
  • CEB/LECO Connection fee
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