CCTV Surveillance Systems

We are uniquely geared up to deliver CCTV security solutions for today’s applications by designing the industry’s best CCTV security systems.

From industry-leading Fixed, PTZ and Panoramic cameras to Motion Detectors and Video Management Solutions, we are committed to providing innovative, superior quality products that help homes or businesses of any kind to meet their security and surveillance needs.

In addition to cameras, motion detectors, video management and software solutions, we also design and integrate variety of accessories including mounts, enclosures, wireless transmission equipment and power solutions necessary for today’s end-to-end installations.

Motion Detectors

A motion detector is often integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. Motion detectors form a vital component of security system and other useful systems.

Advance technology-based developments exceed industry standards for quality, performance and offered many types with different ranges to suit many applications.

PIR Sensors

The Motion sensor lets you know when movement is detected in a certain area of your home or office and can trigger different actions in response to that movement. Set lights to turn on and off as you come and go; and protect your home by triggering lights, sirens, and other electronics to turn on if there’s unexpected motion in your home. The sensor can also detect temperature and trigger smart thermostats, A/C units, or portable heaters to automatically adjust as people come and go. Place the motion sensor on a table or shelf, or use the included mounting plate and screws to place it on a wall.

Door and Window Contactors

There are many types of contactors and locking systems available and are designed for applications that require an alarmed exit device on secured doors. The alarm will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The products are scalable and fit in to many applications.The availability of many shapes and smaller sizes make them the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors or any other similar application.

Auto Dial Control Panel

This easy to install premium alarm system will call multiple numbers automatically when the alarm is activated. You can also arm and disarm the system remotely with your phone, and listen to hear what is happening within your property. The LCD Control Panel can control multiple zones, and the system is expandable with many accessories, making it ideal for mid-size to larger homes, offices or properties which require full protection in every room and on every entry or exit point.